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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rainy Day (No Paint Fumes) and a Bench Pt 3

Finally, the wrought iron garden bench is done....well almost.  It still needs to be moved from my dining room to the yard!  Remember this poor thing?

Poor Thing
Cousin Deb graciously agreed to come over and help put her back together and now Poor Thing looks like this!

Not So Shabby Now!
Screwdrivers create great marks!

Did some marking & measuring.

Steady Back!

The back was reframed and secured using the original 1/2 inch screws and new washers.
A few nuts, washers and bolts

The seat boards are secured with 1.5 inch long 1/4 inch machine screws with nuts & washers to fit.

Finished  (Unsteady) Seat

A finished seat....but quite unsteady!

Together again!

A few more machine screws to add the back to the seat and TAH-DAH! Fit for family & friends!

Now to get her moved outside! I'm hoping Ryan, when he comes to take off my storm door tomorrow, will take pity be kind and help me move it out of the dining room! And yes, it really was raining...again...torrential downpour with thunder and awesome lightening!


  1. Looks great!! Know myself how heavy those things are and awkward to move. Hope help arrives soon for you too : )

    1. Thanks! My go-to buddy, Ryan, helped me get it out after we took my storm door down. The only thing is, now that it's out, I wish I done the wrought iron in a medium to dark gray! Ah well, I'm sure in a couple years or so I'll have the opportunity to do it all over again!

  2. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your story. So happy to be through the worst of times and so looking forward to getting in my house. I appreciate your comments!

  3. So loving the pop of white! Adds a great touch, and frankly, I think white speaks just as loudly as the boldest colors!

  4. Hi, Whitney! Thank you for stopping by and your encouragement.