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Friday, August 10, 2012

Busy Bee & A Wedding

Hey, Everyone! It's been a bit hectic the past few weeks trying to get projects done, an unexpected, but welcome house guest, a wedding to photograph and time to just breathe! All while working around either intense heat & humidity or rain!

Bride's Rule #1
Feed the Bride's Entourage!

First up is Amanda & Taylor's outdoor wedding! 4 p.m. on an August afternoon that was running about 90 degrees and felt like 90 percent humidity! Let me walk you through the day with the bride!

Nails & Hair

Bride's Rule #2 - Put the Entourage to Work!

And more hair! This girl has HAIR!

...Rule #2 took a very long time. Wedding at 4 p.m. ...just starting about 1:30 p.m.  See where this is going?

"Is she here yet?"

Meanwhile, down at the sight of the ceremony, the Groom is sweating it out as the Bride is late! Looks like he had a quick nip!

"We're good!"

But the Best Man assures us all is long as the Groom remains sitting. No, he wasn't tipsy from a nip, but had a few shakes due to nerves the excitement!

"Who's here?"

Ahhhh...Bride's Rule #3....Scope it all out when you arrive to be sure your guests and photographer haven't passed out from the heat!

All the Beautiful Girls

One quick pic before THE MOMENT arrives!

"I'm the Announcer!  Really?"

Okay...a few quick pics while waiting for the guests to move out of the shade and into the sunny backyard!

Father & Daughter

And it's a GO!  About time! No more rules!

Mr & Mrs. Taylor Salva

And they ended up like this!  A new family has formed!

"I'm so cool!"

And the Bride had this beautiful smile for the rest of the night except when she danced the Father/Daughter dance!

Yes, it was a brutally hot and humid day, even on the shore, but every minute was worth it to be a part of this girl's wedding day. She holds a special place in my heart and may they receive their hearts' desires!  To end, here's a pic from the private home where they were married. We are so blessed to live with such beauty!

Backyard View!
(I'd never make it to work!)
I'll be back with updates on the Funky Flower Pots and the Garden Bench! Looking good!

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  1. So you were the official photographer? Good for you! Know about heat here too, just melts you.