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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Funky Pots

Finally, a chance to show you the Funky Flower Pots for next Spring!  My cousin, Janine, blessed me with a couple of plastic, fake terracotta pots. I promptly sprayed them with Krylon Fusion for Plastic in white satin and let them cure for a week or so.

Very fake looking terracotta!

So long, farewell......

Hmm.....very fake looking white pots!
A slight improvement.

Let's add some "Funky"! I decided on horizontal stripes. First I had to measure multiple times around each pot to have straight stripes! Okay...say "straight stripes" 5 times in a row! I had no plan for the size and just randomly decided on the spacing and duplicated on both.  Nice summer nail polish, too!

Then the taping begins. The Scotch Blue Painter's Tape worked well. I only ended up with a couple of "drips" where I didn't pay attention to sealing the edges well.

All taped....almost! After taking this picture I added one more strip on the upper side.  Then it was time to spray, spray, spray! For the stripes I chose a medium gray by Krylon Fusion for Plastic in gloss to add some dimension.

And here the pretty ladies are! Just waiting for Spring to arrive!

Picture from Wikipedia

Currently, the plan is to fill with bright, dramatic coleus and lime potato vine which will cover the drips.  Love the tri-color in the lower right corner and the lime/burgundy right above it! May add some bright pink flowers underneath as well!

We'll see what next Spring brings! I'm guessing they'll look good with the pallet table!

This week's plan is for the storm door to finally come off and get painted. This project has been frustrated multiple times by the crazy weather here. And hopefully the bench will finally get put together! Now for the rain to pass through and the sun to shine!


  1. Looks good, it's a big improvement over the "fake terracotta" : )

    1. Thanks, Lynda! Plastic terracotta is pretty sad! Can't wait to fill them next Spring!

  2. Love love LOVE! My, the whole 'week to cure' thing kills me. Maybe that is why I spray paint so little...but this sure is making me want to attack some pots! :D

  3. Krylon Plastic Fusion recommends the 7-day cure and, believe me, I wasn't happy about it. However, I did my outdoor shutters with Fusion and let them cure and they are still in perfect condition so I gave the same treatment to the pots! It was certainly a lesson in patience for me :)