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Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's Bird...It's a Plane...It's a Finchakeeta?

Little Black Birdbath
It all started with the gift of a birdbath. One that needed to be wire brushed and painted. A quick job squeezed in one late afternoon.

And a home was found with the hollies and rhody, roses and hosta.  But something was lacking besides the water.

No blah.  Then along came the missing piece!

The poor broken little birdie. Homeless...lacking color to attract other birdies.

What's a bird to do?

Add some color to it's black, drab feathers, of course!

"Where's the feather dye? I really need a pick me up," said the poor-broken-black-drab-feathered little birdie.

And what to it's astonished eyes appeared?  Feather dye, of course.  And all the applicators needed!

"I need to be bright with subtle shading," thought the birdie. "But I don't want to be too colorful! I'll leave that to those birdies."

So the little birdie went to work adding a base color and then some highlights. She brushed and pulled color through, waited and then added a little more with a dash of color to her beak.

"Ahhh...I feel like a new birdie! Where can I go to show the new "me" off?

"I've arrived! I wonder who'll stop by to comment on my new '"do"?  Just look at that best side, too! I think I look thinner! I am just so pleased with my new look!"

Enough said.  The End.


  1. Love that your newly adorned birdie think she looks thinner in her reflection. A girl after my own heart!

    1. Oh, yes! When Birdie perches "just so", her reflection is svelte. Disclaimer: Any resemblance of Birdie's thoughts to the thoughts of the author of this blog is purely coincidental. Just saying.

  2. Nice job!! Didn't realize you had a blog will be checking back.

    1. Good to see you! Yes, thought I should document my DIYing endeavors, brought on by the old "I can do anything" attitude, for the world to see. Keeps me humble with a sense of humor.

  3. Beautifully painted! Does the paint withstand the elements well?

  4. Thank you! I used a clear acrylic coat over it and so far it's held up well. We'll see how it weathers through a Connecticut winter!