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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Oh, Happy Tree!

For many years, I've had the same decorations on my tree because I couldn't figure out how to fill it up so you couldn't see through it. I got it half done and the next morning when I walked into the living room, the first words out of my mouth were, "I HATE my tree!" Wasn't expecting that to come out of my mouth!

So what's a girl to do? Yep...I came up with an idea.  I decided I needed a "happy" tree and my fake and sparse tree needed to be potted! Remember these?

Oh, yes I did. And I ended up with this!

This is a Happy Tree

in a

Dr. Seuss pot!

Are you smiling yet?

Get ready, 'cause I just have to show some ornaments! There are heirloom ornaments crafted by my Mom 40 & 50 years ago, some that my son chose and a few recent ones!  Here are just a few!

Flashback Ornament from
my Christmas Ornament Yankee Swap this year!

   Let me tell you! There were several of us competing for this little VW Bus!

My Son's "Baby's 1st Christmas"

My Son is a Star!

Meet Tinkabella with the innocent "I wasn't messing with the bird" look.
Like I believe THAT after raising a child!

Ode to Family & Friends in Florida!

And guess what?? I can't see through my tree anymore! I'll do a "how to" on potting a fake tree separately. It was interesting on the fly for sure.

Thank you for dropping in during the Christmas season and peeking into my home! I hope you're all enjoying your holiday decorating, families and friends and wish you all the joy and wonder this season is about!

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  1. Guerrina,
    Love your "happy tree"!! Very clever and it is always fun to have those memory jogging ornaments that take you back to Christmases past.
    You did a great job on this. Cute cat, even if it is mischevious : )

    1. Thanks! I had to break out of an emotional rut that was lounging about :)

  2. Love your happy tree all illuminated, oh and Tinkabella's innocent look ;)