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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blossoms & Fruit

Not everyone loves to garden. It can be quite a bit of work and expense. I wasn't always a gardener.

Then one day shortly after I became a Christian, I got it in my head to grow vegetables - tomatoes and green peppers to be exact. And I thought my Dad would be thrilled with fresh tomatoes. This year's veggies aren't ready to be photographed yet, so I'll share my summer flowers as we go.

Threadleaf Coreopsis
There was a little piece of ground between the chimney and the slate walk that I thought was the perfect place. It was only about 3 1/2 ft. by 3 1/2 ft. So I started digging and turning and weeding and pretty soon I had a nice little spot amended with some sterilized chicken manure. It was cheap and it was manure....that's how I picked it out. Real knowledgeable I was not - just cheap thrifty! 
Little did I know this was all God's idea. 

As I prepared that little plot, I thought of my Mom and her love of gardening. Her favorite hymn was "In The Garden" and she loved gardening with a passion, especially flowers. As I hummed and sang quietly, I thought I heard a voice in my head. Must be the sun and heat. I shook my head and kept going. Then I heard the voice repeat..."You prepare the soil, place the plants and water. I will do the rest. I will bring a harvest." Then I realized Who spoke to me and I just said, "Okay, I will." Seriously, what did you say the first time the Lord spoke to you?! He made it very clear that He was the One to make things grow...I couldn't make a seed sprout.
"Peace" Rose - Mom's Favorite Rose

Off to the local plant nursery I went and came home with 2 cherry tomato, 2 Beefsteak tomato and  4 green bell pepper plants. I got them all situated in their new home and watered down.

Through the next few weeks I watered and kept watching them....grow....and grow....and grow.

Guess what? When all was ripe to pick, I couldn't find enough people to give the extra away to! Dad couldn't eat all of it and did I mention I don't like fresh tomatoes? I only like to grow them. I had Beefsteak tomatoes that took both hands to hold! And who knew that cherry tomato vines could grow to 12 ft. and more long?! In mid-September I was still getting cherry tomatoes. The green peppers were huge! (Yes, I eat peppers.)

Those plants were so tall and sturdy that my big 120 lb. dog made his way in sometime during the summer and lay in there for the coolness of the shade...and the plants still continued to grow and thrive.

What a real-life lesson from the Lord. No matter the situation or person, prepare the "soil" through prayer, "plant" a seed when the door is opened and "water" when needed with encouragement. Then see what fruit (or flower) the Lord brings! The Lord makes things so simple...we tend to make things so hard.... I guess because we're masochists afraid something simple couldn't be true.

This happened almost 30 years ago and I remember it as if it were yesterday. And, go figure,  I have never been able to find sterilized chicken manure in our local plant nurseries since.

I'll end with a few more current blossoms!   But before I do, look at this stunning bouquet of white roses my green-thumbed cousin grew and gave me! Thanks, Debi! I really want a cutting to root!

 God has the best imagination!

Oriental Lily

Sunrise or Sunset?
Garden Phlox

Raspberry Eyes!

Knockout Rose

Can we say "Neon"?!

Bee Balm (Dwarf)

Little Pink Feather Dusters!

Stella d'Oro Daylily

So what are you growing?
Veggies? Flowers? Fruit? 
Whatever you grow,
prepare, plant, water and enjoy!

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